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Foley draws da pictures for littlebooks.¬†She sees the world in movies. When she was in kindergarten, her teacher pulled her parents aside and said, “start saving for art school, this one has talent.” That didn’t happen on a military family budget.

So Foley just drew. She drew laying in the closet. She drew in class. She drew for friends. She got into theatre in high school and painted huge sets. In college, she did that some more. She has dreams and aspirations of becoming a famous artist, but also has a mortgage and two silly hungry cats to feed.

When she was a kid she wanted to be a palentologist. As a teenager she thought about teaching art. In her 20’s she really wanted to draw comics. Now… she dreams of writing movies. Action movies… with gun battles and other action elements. *sigh*

Please enjoy her art. If it makes you smile… it did it’s job.

killingtimepdx at gmail dot com