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I don’t draw things often where I feel “THAT’S IT! I got it. That’s how she’s supposed to look.” This one I am very happy with. Aella is the main character in a comic/movie/fever dream I am trying to get out of my head and onto paper.

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character “sketch”

bought some new music. i have been in serious need of new tunes and so i trusted itunes to help me find some jams. and by jams i mean things in minor chord that sound kinda depressing to other people. depressing music is my muse. it makes me want to draw and write and paint. [...]

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more screwin’ around with comic ideas…

i am happier with the pencils… mostly because i can erase them. the mood is sort of right… but doesn’t transfer very well.
this is a snippet visual out of my sci fi epic story that is trapped in my brian. i have a horrid feeling i will never do it justice and it will [...]

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