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and another one.

I have always loved this movie… but it is pretty disjointed and hard to piece together. I had fun making this. Hope it’s at least interesting to watch.


oh… vidding…. how i love the.

i really love the “past time” of vidding… the act of taking footage from a film, show, or multiple films and shows and creating a narrative using the shots while setting the whole thing to music. i usually have “weird ideas” when it comes to vids. strange match ups of songs to footage. this is […]

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I like hanging out with Mike and Bill because I tend to feel more comfortable drawing and don’t feel pressured to draw anything perfect. Tonight was a night where I started drawing a creepy dude and I wanted him to have pointy finger and be holding a skull and look kinda like a cranky angry […]


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I don’t draw things often where I feel “THAT’S IT! I got it. That’s how she’s supposed to look.” This one I am very happy with. Aella is the main character in a comic/movie/fever dream I am trying to get out of my head and onto paper.

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Pumpkin Cat!

We bought some fake pumpkins from the craft store to carve. Grant had some that he carved and they are awesome! You just have to use a fake tea light candle so the foam doesn’t, well, light on fire. But it will be kitty safe, so I think it’s a win. Now I can put […]

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back to cats…

needing to get back in the groove of things, i have elected to draw cats. and in appreciation of the coming fall, this pumpkin…

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maybe this is the last one…

I have been drawing an unnatural amount of naked video game men. Thought I would draw a “One of Every Animal” picture… Eddie from Brutal Legend, Nate Drake from Uncharted 2, Mario from well… Mario, all covering their areas with their respective consoles. Enjoy. or think I am weird… I am okay with either option.

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Oh sweet, fine Mr. Drake.

We went over to Grant’s again to check out some more UNCHARTED 2. Oh man, that game is unrelenting. It just keeps coming and coming… I can’t even imagine playing it on a more difficult setting than NORMAL. I think the CRUSHING setting the bad guys reach out of your TV and slap the ever-loving […]

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ok. so i haven’t posted in a while…

i have spent a decent amount of energy *GASP!* writing. i have been trying to work out a script for my sci fi story. so far it is going well. hope to have something i don’t feel scared to post soon… in other news, BRUTAL LEGEND and UNCHARTED 2!!! i drew this for grant.

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