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Been working the work.

Loving the rewrite process. The story is really growing and changing in positive ways. I usually run out of steam way before this point and the fact that I am still chugging along, happy and content with my characters and the plot is new for me.
Did a little drawing… Always good to break up the writing with sketches.

Did a little one of Caroline and Zoe. Actually am image I got frustrated with and shoved in a folder. Anne found it and after a few months I finally felt like I could get it right… Or at least closer to right.
Then there is a more ‘me’ drawing of Case. No likeness intended… Just wanted to draw her the way I see her. Miles of legs and a ball busting attitude.

On chapter four at the moment and I’m really enjoying the change in pacing and some of the huge plot shifts I’ve implemented. The book is going to be VERY different from the first draft.

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  1. Mieke | November 25, 2012 at 3:43 am | Permalink

    I stumbled accros your drawings on the internet. They look great! The way they are drawn, you can read exactly what the situation is in the blink of an eye. Were these drawn for a book? Is it finished and can it be bought somewhere??

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