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I hate wordpress sometimes.

Okay. Wrote a whole long thing. The wordpress app decided to crash, dumping it all into the ether.
Eh. Whatever.
Something about Bill Mudron being awesome and watching Errol Flynn’s sequined Robin Hood for a bit only to become distracted by BluRay special features. A documentary on TECHNICOLOR. Then something about a hot dog helicopter.
It’s a long [...]


Been working the work.

Loving the rewrite process. The story is really growing and changing in positive ways. I usually run out of steam way before this point and the fact that I am still chugging along, happy and content with my characters and the plot is new for me.
Did a little drawing… Always good to break up the [...]


I am safe.

Anne found a great, quiet reference image and I messed with it until it felt right.
I just like the idea of a moment of stillness after everything they have been through (and I am not nice to these people, take my word for it). Caroline Royer is the one place Zoe feels safe, she [...]


A few things that I have been up to..

Drawing some folks interacting.
It’s been fun to get the gist of the relationship in the line work. I mean, communicating emotion is tough even in person, face to face. Drawing it has always been challenging, and getting it right is super rewarding. The sketches are pretty raw, but they were all super fun to [...]


The best of bros.

I have drawn make outs. I have drawn sex. I have drawn shopping… How about some violence? Or at least the aftermath/middle of violence?


Okay… So maybe Julia is right.

Had a flash of inspiration last night and executed a couple of HOT things. Okay, I think they’re hot and they melted Anne’s brain… Sooooooo, yeah.


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You can tell it’s the future…

After a few gin and tonics, drawing Zoe and Caroline on their wedding day (spoilers, they get married). Anne wasn’t that into it until she saw it… Then she jumped on the Zoe/Caroline wedding train.
Not to say they don’t have troubles after the wedding… But hey, pretty dress, handsome waistcoat, sexy ladies, lesbian love, getting [...]

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Caroline & Zoe

Drew this when I got home from birthday drinks with friends and coworkers. Just came out pretty easy. There are things that I might change, but the mood of the image is great.
They look so damn pretty.


First draft down!

The first draft is completed. Well, was completed… Three days early. I’ve never met a deadline before. That’s not true. I’ve met professional and academic deadlines. I’ve just never met a personal, self imposed deadline before.
It’s nice.
I feel all accomplished and crap.
So I told myself that I couldn’t draw more until I finished writing, which [...]

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More book art.

So close. I have to finish 20 and hammer out the Epilogue and Prologue then on to the new and merry territory of REWRITES! I have some serious changes to make to the first 3 chapters. I have some fine carpentry planned for 4-8.
Caroline is going to get more fleshed out. Case and Nicole gets [...]

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