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I am safe.

Anne found a great, quiet reference image and I messed with it until it felt right.

I just like the idea of a moment of stillness after everything they have been through (and I am not nice to these people, take my word for it). Caroline Royer is the one place Zoe feels safe, she makes all the pain and damage worth it.
It’s a decent sketch and I am happy with it. In the end that is all I can ask for.

In other news, rewrites are coming along, after a few days of freak outs. In order to make it truly work as a novel, I have to cut a lot. If I’m no precious about it, it’s easier. There are so many bits I am attached to. So many things I wish I didn’t have to cut, but the flow is important. I want the pacing to be tight and I need to make sure there are no holes in the narrative.
Also, I was giving myself whiplash switching pov as often as I was planning on doing. It works for a television show, but it doesn’t do well for a book. There are five women and my story is their story. I just have to let them tell it.
And I have to let go of the readers hand and hope they get it.

As soon as I stop being freaked out and scared, this will go back to being fun.

Tried this one in color too. The copic markers never translate well through the scanner. The original is all pretty and smooth. Eh. What are you going to do. I love the way the color in Caroline’s cheeks turned out, and how tan Zoe is in comparison. Fictional ladies, how you destroy me.

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