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The first time I saw you…

So there is this scene in my book where  two of my characters meet for the first time and there are these fireworks. I got the hankering to try to draw it today. It’s not perfect. But I really feel like I nailed Caroline (the one in the dress) and her cousin Gabriel (the dude). Zoe looks pretty much like I always draw her (hot and smug).

The idea that they are both at an after party and they are so drastically mismatched, Zoe is all dressed down, Caroline is dolled up to the nines, is just charming to me.

So how did you two meet?

Gabe lets Caroline know she has an admirer.


And again…

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More proof.

NSFW… but worth it and HOT. Look at it at home. When you are alone.

You’re welcome.

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More book stuff.

I am so close to finishing my book. Only 2 chapters left, an epilogue… then a massive red penned rewrite! I am so f***ing excited. I started reading through the beginning  and thinking, “This can get cut”… “That character doesn’t need to be here.”… “This should really be from HER perspective.”

I am super pumped.


I can NOT stop drawing my main characters DOING IT. What is wrong with me?

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Okay, I can draw happy.

Caroline and Zoe enjoying each other and some retail therapy.

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Two sisters and some parents…

Zoe and Nicole
Allison and Hayden
Feeling pretty good about these. They are looking how they should. I really need to get on to WRITING 18-22… but I am distracted with DRAWING! Damn it.


More Characters.

Guess WHO!
Connor and Case


Ladies. Please.

These are some Hudson ladies and some not-Hudson ladies.

These are the major characters of a book Foley is working on. Please encourage her to draw it as much as possible. I KNOW I AM. – Anne


My feet hurt today. SOLUTION:


and another one.

I have always loved this movie… but it is pretty disjointed and hard to piece together. I had fun making this. Hope it’s at least interesting to watch.